"Witness Music Culture, One Festival at a Time."

                                     "Witness Music Culture, One Festival at a Time."

Festival World is a photography blog dedicated to creating a visual account of music festival culture and fashion worldwide.

Newport. Woodstock. Altamont.

All of these legendary festivals trigger the nostalgia for time when rock was loud, fashion ruled, and people were free…

But what would have happened if Dylan never went electric? If Woodstock never had a documentary? If violence never occurred at Altamont? Or, most simply if the media had chosen to ignore these iconic festivals as it did with so many others?

Would the the memory of these monumental happenings slowly dissolve with the passing of time into the recesses of the collective unconscious?

Nothing has brought people together en masse the way music has. It is for these reasons that festivals need to be documented and remembered.

They are definitive of contemporary youth culture world wide.

We must do historians a favor and preserve the memory of these happenings, fashions, and tribes by capturing images as a representation our times for generations of the future.

Festival World is creating a visual narrative of what it was like to exist young and free in the contemporary era of massive world wide music festivals.  

So let us measure our generation by the music it creates. The festivals it organizes. The individuals and artists that come together to celebrate and radiate good vibes for all the world to feel and groove to.

There is a magic that can only be found at music festivals.




Festival World was created by Amir Baigmoradi as a way of documenting the culture at music festivals he attended while working as a video technician for a headlining act during the summer of 2013. Visiting 11 different countries he was able to begin creating a photographic narrative of festival culture and fashion worldwide.

He is working to continue building and expanding the blog as to create an online forum for the promotion, celebration, and documentation of music festivals and their culture from around the world.